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Booth Charge

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 Booth Charge:


Superior Area:

Only available for Exquisite Booth or Standard Decoration Booth

Exquisite Booth (Blank Space): CNY 10000/9 sq.m.

Standard Decoration Booth (9 sq.m/booth): CNY 12000/booth

Regular Area:

3mx3m: Standard Booth: CNY 9000/booth

Standard Decoration Booth add CNY 2000/booth

Double open booth add CNY 1000/booth

3mx4m: Standard Booth: CNY 11000/booth

Standard Decoration Booth add CNY2500/booth

Double open booth add CNY 1000/booth


Booth Furniture:

Ⅰ Space Only: no facility, need to pay additional cost for Decoration Management and Power Connection.

Ⅱ Shell Scheme Booth Furniture:

- three sides Coaming Board

- one Fascia Board with Company Name in both Native Language and English

- Negotiation Table x1, Chair x2, printed Exhibition Catalogue x1, Bottle Water x6, Dustbin x1, Booth Carpet

- Electricity: Spot light x2, Electric Outlet x1

Designed Standard Booth, besides standard booth furniture, also include booth design and bulid-up.


Above is for Shell Scheme Booth



Above is for designed Standard Booth




Above is for designed Standard Booth



      Preferential Policy

1. 5% off for last Exhibitors

2. 5% off for more than 36 sq.m.

3. 5% off for book and paid before the end of Nov.2017.




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