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Promote CNISE 2018 in India, Receive Good Results

       The 25th India International Gifts, Stationery and Writing Instrument Fair (India Big 7) held on 10-13 August. Ningbo Zhongbo Exhibition Co. organized 25 Chinese stationery enterprises attend the fair, and promote the 15th China International Stationery & Gifts Exposition (CNISE 2018) at the same time , the results is remarkable.

       During the exhibition, we were exposed to several large stationery associations in India and actively communicated with them. We learned that most of the Indian stationery manufacturers,  they purchase machines and accessories from China. Even the manufacturers’ products are single, they interested to purchase more other categories of stationery products from China. They showed a strong participation intention to Ningbo Stationery Exposition(CNISE 2018).
        Many local exhibitors from India were inviting us to visit their booth and products. We found that most of their products were purchased from China. Such as Apsara Gifts is a comprehensive trading company, their products were gathered from all over the world, most of which were from China. Bharani Industries is a typical Indian stationery company with its own production sticky Note Pads and Notebooks, as well as long-term purchasing from China for Binder Clips, Pins & Nails, Glue, Files & Folds, and many other stationery and office supplies. They also need the machinery and equipment for that products.
       During the four days exhibition, a continuous stream of visitors came to our booth. After contact with them, we found that most of them had already purchased from China for many times. They speak highly of Chinese and China products. They are looking for more suitable Chinese suppliers. We will work with them in the near future, invite them to visit Ningbo Stationery Exposition for procurement.
       The first overseas promotion for CNISE 2018 is finished. We will make full use of other domestic and overseas trade exhibitions in the industry to invite more high quality domestic and overseas buyers for the next exhibition. We are sure to live up to your expectations.




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