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Ningbo Travel Exhibition Pre Training Meeting Held Successfully
Release Time:2017-08-17

        2017 Ningbo International Travel Exhibition pre Training Meeting held at Fortune Bond Hotel on 15th August in the morning.
        The following person attend the Training Meeting. The Deputy Director of Ningbo Municipal Tourism Administration Gang, Chen. The Deputy Division Chief of Market Promotion Section of Ningbo Municipal Tourism Administration Hongmei, Tang. The General Manager of Ningbo Zhongbo Int’l Exhibition Co. Ltd. Huajie, Zhou. There are More than 200 delegates attended the training meeting, including travel agencies, provincial and County Tourist Bureaus, scenic spots, hotels and catering enterprises, and the main media in Ningbo were also represented.
        The Training Meeting was chaired by Deputy Director of the Ningbo International Tourism Exchange Service Center Xingfa, Ye. The Deputy Division Chief Hongmei, Tang introduced the preparation of the Travel Exposition. The person in charge of Ningbo Flying Tourism Group, Ningbo Fantawild, Ningbo Egreen Hotel Group and Shanghai Spring Tour shared their exhibition experience. Ctrip and the person the charge of Online Travel Fair introduced the online fair which is the new project of this Travel Exposition.
        The Deputy Director of Ningbo Municipal Tourism Administration Gang, Chen made a concluding statement at last. He encourage the exhibitors use innovative ideas and thoughts, launch more products and service, to attract that one hundred thousand citizens who will come for the travel Exposition at that three days, to attract on-site procurement, display corporate image, achieved sales performance.
        Ningbo International Travel Exposition will be open on 1-3, September at Ningbo Int’l Conference & Exhibition Center with total exhibition area 18,000 sq.m., and more than 300 Exhibitors. The Exposition was sponsored by Ningbo Municipal People's Government and Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau, host by Ningbo Municipal Tourism Administration, and CCPIT, Ningbo Sub-council, organized by Ningbo Zhongbo Int’l Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Ningbo International Tourism Exchange Service Center.
        Visitors are required to buy tickets. Online Tickets can enjoy lower discounts. Please focus on public WeChat of Ningbo Travel Exposition (NB87254009) to buy tickets. .
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