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Ningbo Establishes Distinctive Township
Release Time:2017-08-16

       On May 3rd, seven townships in Ningbo were first given the approval to establish Distinctive Township for Intangible Cultural Heritage Preservation, which was a new mode initiated by Ningbo to inherit Intangible Cultural Heritage.
        With the core placed on the inheritance of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the establishment of Distinctive Township has received great support from the government and wide participation of the public. Lu Huaqian, former governor of Qiantong Township told the journalist, “Aside from the state-level intangible cultural heritage— special fair on Lantern Festival, Qiantong Township is also known for three municipal-level ones including wine dance and one at the county-level, namely, skills of making Three Treasures of Qiantong. After the establishment, it will turn into a serene place with a slow pace of life and the cultural heritages merging into people’s daily life. Tourists can learn to make Three Treasures of Qiantong, experience bamboo weaving and become performers on the special fair. We can achieve a win-win result with tourists enjoying traditional culture and local residents gaining economic profits.”

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