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Instructions for Exhibitors

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Exhibition Scope:
1. Tourism Organization & Sight Spot: Domestic & Overseas Tourism Organization, Sight Spot, Holiday Resort, Theme Park, Camping Base, Museum, etc.
2. Travel Service Provider: Travel Agencies, Airlines, Hotels, Online Travel Operator, Travel Media, Smart Travel Technology Products, etc.
3. Beautiful Rural Tourism: Rural Leisure, Pension / Farmhouse, Forest Recreation, Fishing, etc.
4. Special Tourism: Tot Spring, Skiing, Rafting, Climbing, Camping, Hiking, etc. 
5. Tourism Facilities: Camping & Outdoor Equipment, Wooden House, Recreational Vehicle, Yacht, Aquatic Facilities, General Airplane, Photographic Products, etc.
6. High-end Tourism & Individual Tourism: Custom Tourism, MICE, Overseas Wedding, Overseas Study Tour.
7. Tourism Specialty: Domestic and Foreign Tourism Products, Souvenirs, etc.
8. Food and Beverage: Hotel Banquet, Buffet, Characteristic Food, Snacks, etc.
1、 Rules for Exhibitors:
  (1)Please confirm your exhibits is listed in the mentioned categories. Otherwise, we have the rights to refuse your products put on the booth.
  (2)The booth can’t be resale to others after confirmed. Exhibits besides Travel Exposition scope is not allowed, otherwise the Organizing Committee have the rights to cancel the booth.
  (3)You may download Booth Application Form and fax to 86-574-87254017, or contact us at 86-574-87254009 directly to confirm your demands.
  (4)Please remit your booth fee in 5 working days after the Contract signed and send Payment Voucher to us. Otherwise, the booth may be sold to others.
2、Submit Documents:
  (1)Company Registration Documents
    A、Business Licence
    B、Scenic spots and hotels if have star identification, should provide relate documents
    C、Tourism Bureau, no document is needed with Bureau seal.
  (2)Company logo
3、Notes for Exhibitors to sale products or service voucher:
  (1)Exhibitors sale products or voucher (tickets or coupon), should obey the regulations made by relevant competent authorities about the price and voucher contents. And submit the 2 sides design of the voucher and the audit file before the Exhibition.
  (2)To protect the consumers rights, this exhibition is only allow exhibitors to sell their own products or service, third party sales is not allowed.
  (3)Other notes:
    A、Should not set use period, if voucher have use period, should mark "after the discount period, still can be used after pay the differential".
    B、Exhibitors should provide performance guarantee about their products and service. Ensure the time at least for one year, counting from the date of the sale.
    C、 The voucher can’t mark the word like NO USE IN HOLIDASY AND WEEKENDS or ONLY USE IN ** DATE. But can mark the word like USE IN HOLIDASY AND WEEKENDS NEED TO PAY THE DIFFERENTIAL.
    D、The voucher can’t mark the word like HAVE THE RIGHT TO ADJUST THE USE RULES WITHOUT NOTICE.
  (4)Exhibitors sell products or service should accept the administration by Competent Authority, Local Regulations and Consumer Protection Law.
Receivable Account:
Payee: Ningbo Zhongbo International Exhibition Co,. Ltd.
Account: 7403 5160 1000 0075
Opening Bank: China Guangfa Bank, Ningbo Branch
Swift Code: GDBKCN22HH2



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