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2019 Ningbo Int’l Travel Exposition is open for both professionals and public.This Exhibition request Real Name Registration, please come with your ID Card.
30st Aug-1nd Sep, 9:00am-17:00pm, open for public with Ticket.
Professionals: Professionals in travel industry, Media Journalists, please pre-register on line.  You will received Registration Code after register successfully and approved. Please coming with two of your business cards and Registration Code to Pre-registration Visitors desk change for your Badge. Professionals without pre-registration, please queue up and buy ticket to visit.
Public: Public need buy ticket to visit.
Ways to Buy Ticket:
1.Wechat: Add wechat (NB87254009), click Visitor Center--Buy Ticket to complete your order. Ticket Price CNY 15 for booking between 1-20 August.
Ticket Price CNY 20 for booking between 21-31 August.
Ticket Price CNY 25 for booking on Exhibition dates.
2. Buying on-site: Ticket Price CNY 50 for Package.
3. Group Visitors: for more than 20 Tickets, please contact 87254016
4. Visitors aged 65 years old can buy one Ticket with CNY 20. Children under 1.2m is free for admission.
Notice for Visit:
1. Tickets for public(both paper and e-ticket)only available for one person per ticket at the issued day. Pre-registration Badge is valid for 3 days.
2. Tickets once sold, no refund, lost and lost, please buyer as needed, and good keeping it.
3. It is strictly prohibited to carry inflammable, explosive and controlled knives and other dangerous goods.
4. Please protect the Exhibition Hall, cooperate with the Organizer to maintain a good spot order.
5.The Organizer and the staff have rights to refuse the admission of parts audience on appropriate reason, or ask the visitors who break this "Notice for Visit" to leave the exhibition hall. Anyone who has been asked to leave the exhibition hall will not be allowed to enter again within 24 hours.
Lucky Draw:
Package Tickets include Lucky Draw Coupon. E-tickets can attend network Lucky Draw. Paper Tickets with vice Ticket ca joint the live show Lucky Draw. For more details please check the  instructions on site.


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